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My Gear part 2

1 Oct

On July 27, 2012, I posted “My Gear” in which I shared the running sneakers I use as well as my running apparel.

Since writing that post, not much has changed with my apparel, but my sneakers are completely different. After working in footwear at a sporting goods store, I learned a lot about the different kinds of sneaker and how important it is to understand how your gait works and how your feet strike the ground.

When I wrote that post, I was running in Nike Lunarglide+ 3’s, which is a stability shoe. A stability shoe is good for those whose feet evenly strike the ground or turn a little bit inward (also called overpronation). When I started running more distance, I felt a lot of pain in my knees and ankles. At first I assumed this was just because my joints weren’t used to such high impact for longer periods of time.

After a trip to the chiropractor, I learned that I actually supinate, meaning my feet turn outwards a bit when I run/walk. Wearing a stability shoe that helps push your feet outward was just making my supination worse.

Now I run in a neutral shoe, and this provides support and doesn’t angle my feet in any direction. As someone who supinates, I swear by the Brooks Ghost 5’s (although they’ve come out with the 6th generation now but I haven’t tried them).

Brooks Ghost 5's

The top three technical running shoe brands are Brooks, Mizuno, and Asics, but I definitely prefer Brooks. I do have a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s which is also a neutral shoe, and I like them for walking in! Plus they look good.

Birthday Shoes copy

The best way to determine what kind of sneaker you should be wearing is to go to a running store that offers to watch you walk without shoes on or go to a doctor who can make that kind of observation. A quick way to get a general idea is to look at the bottom of your shoes that are well worn. You’ll notice that a certain portion of your shoes may be run down way more than other parts of your shoe. In my case, the outer sides of my shoes are scuffed up because of the way my feet turn out when I walk/run!

I have a detailed list of the footwear and apparel I wear for running and working out on my new Subblime profile! Here I have a photo of everything, a link to where you can buy it, and my own description of why they’re great to use. Check it out!

Subblime Profile



It’s been a while… here’s what you missed!

26 Sep


Things have happened in the past year since I’ve posted a real entry.

1. I participated in a local “Winter Series” during which we raced every Sunday for a few months in the heart of Winter. These races took place in a state park, and they were full of serious hills.

Winter Series 2012 Race

The longest race I participated in during the Winter Series.

2. I joined and continued doing CrossFit for six months until I hurt my back, left a temp job, and went broke. Rough life.

CrossFit Back Squat

That weight wasn’t even that heavy.

1a/2a. Hill running and CrossFit greatly improved my running speed.

3. After the Winter series, I didn’t run as much distance and as often as I had been. It sucked.

Cold Running

Stop looking so happy. You suck.

4. On May 5th of this year, I raced in the Broad Street 10-Miler as a part of “Team Dunkin'”, having won my registration from Dunkin’ Donuts. I had spent the two weeks prior to the race sick and unable to run and then recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out and being unable to run. I was amazed that I even finished, but I was pretty pleased with my time.

Broad Street 10-Miler

What What.

5. I continued running, but really just not as consistently as I was this time last year and during the Winter Series.

6. About a month or two ago, I really kicked it back into gear. For the last three weeks, I’ve been running 6 days a week, including one long run each week.

Long Run Sept 2013

This was just a few days ago, and it is the most NON-RACE distance I’ve covered!

I’ve also been working on my pathetic excuse for push-ups as well as sit-ups because…

7. I joined the United States Air Force!!! I’m currently booked to leave on December 17th of this year for Military Basic Training in San Antonio, Texas. I am SO EXCITED for this journey and career that is coming! I’m so eager for December 17th to roll around.

Air Force DEP

My recruiter, me, and some of her other recruits.

Of course, it’s going to be hard leaving my boyfriend…

Cade and Me


…and my special little baby (my chinchilla).

Misty and Me


8. Because my intentions for my Air Force career is to make it just that, my career, I’ve decided to seriously look into joining the Air Force as an officer. This would mean my date to leave would change, potentially to much later in the future. I have to take another rough SAT-like exam, the AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test), and be accepted by the board. I’ve only just decided to look deeper into this route, so we’ll see what happens.


That basically brings us to day! Hello! I’ll be sharing my experiences in joining the Air Force, the steps that I’ve taken and still need to take before I ship out, and then of course my training and eating and merry ways.

This has been my Facebook picture for months. This is just after finished a 10K race. It's just too good.

This has been my Facebook picture for months. This is just after I finished a 10K race. It’s just too funny not to share.

Beat Records and Run with a Friend!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

October has been a great month for running. The weather was perfect, and my motivation was restored and even better than before. Not only was I reaching my best distances, but twice in the same week I beat my own personal records for distance and running duration.

On Monday, October 22nd, I beat my personal distance record of 6.22 miles (10k) and ran 7 miles. My ankles and knees were in serious pain (I do not recommend pushing to pain), but I just couldn’t stop running.

Sadly, I realized that it was my shoes that were causing me pain. I’m no longer wearing my Nike Lunarglide+ 3’s for distance running. More on that later.

Now that I no longer run in Nike sneakers, I don’t have the Nike+ sensor. I still use the Nike+ Running app that uses GPS, but it makes it more difficult to screenshot my results to share.

On Thursday, October 26, just three days after beating my record, I beat my distance and duration record AGAIN, only this time without the pain that I dealt with in my Nike’s.

Just because my running has been beautiful and challenging doesn’t mean that I’m perfectly motivated every single day. I’ve been doing really well, but there is still the occasional morning that my bed just feels extra comfortable!

This morning, for example, I was feeling lazy after spending two full days not doing much as a result of Hurricane Sandy blowing through Pennsylvania. I texted my friend to go for a run because I knew I wasn’t going to get out there without someone there with me. Thankfully, she was all for it. We weren’t feeling as strong as we were a few days ago, but we still knocked out 3.5 miles!

Long story short, find a running buddy. Push yourself to surpass your own limits. Go go go!!

Autumn Running

12 Oct

Autumn running is the best kind of running. Honestly, I just can’t get enough of it!

The only reason I’m not currently outside pounding that pavement is because after running 16 miles in three days… my sore legs are in serious need of recovery.

I thought that blogging about running instead of actually running would ease my craving for the scent of drying leaves in the breeze against my skin, however, it’s only amplifying it!

My favorite things about running in autumn (specifically in the northeast of the fifty, nifty United States (I hope you know that song and now it’s stuck in your head for the rest of the night because it’s sure stuck in mine now!):

1. Cool, crisp air. I could run for hours if only my legs would let me. My lungs and heart feel stronger than ever when I run in this weather.

2. Ever-changing, never dull scenery. Every tree changes color and lets loose its leaves at its own pace. I’m never bored looking at all of the trees changing!

3. The leaves fall all around me. There are times when leaves literally fall onto my head or blow in the breeze all around me as I run by. If you filmed me running in slow motion, it would be MAGICAL.

4. While I do love the sunshine with this chilly temperature, I really love the clouds that blow in with the cold breeze. I don’t need sunglasses, and I can run at any hour without fear of heat exhaustion.

5. I love my Brooks running jacket. I feel so cozy running in shorts and a running jacket and not sweating, even after 10k.

Alright, legs. Recover your muscles quickly so I can tear up the road tomorrow morning before work.

Zombie Mud Run

7 Oct

I’ve a newfound love for obstacle courses. Who knew?

On September 22nd, my friend and I participated in a Zombie Mud Run. Tis the season! It was essentially a mud run complete with serious obstacles (we passed a few runners down with broken bones waiting for an ambulance), along with playing zombie apocalypse.

Basically, you’re equipped with three red flags velcroed around your waist in the same way one plays flag football. The zombies attempt to grab a flag as you sprint, dive, crawl, and jump past them. If you lose all of your flags, you’d consider yourself a zombie at the end of the race. Even if you lose all of your flags, you finish the race as a human.

What I love about these kinds of races is that they incorporate fun, a full-body workout, a whole lot of dirty, and a competitive edge. It was certainly difficult, but I surprised myself with my ability to sprint away from zombies. I have a weird thing about being chased. I never really liked playing tag. Competition kicked in, however, and I outran a whole mess of zombies.

I also swatted a lot of zombies and apparently made funny faces while doing so.

For anyone who wants to mix up their races or just have a good time with friends while getting a fun workout, I recommend mud races, color runs, obstacle courses or a zombie run!

A Rough September

3 Oct

September was a struggle. I don’t know if it was the back-and-forth change in climate, alternating between summer heat and autumn chill, the total upheaval in my weekly schedule (having quit my full-time job), my increase in health issues (migraines, dehydration, etc.) or just a break in my motivation streak, but this September was not a month to be proud of.

My boyfriend just moved in with me at the end of August, and it has been a struggle to balance my personal goals and spending time with him. We’ve only known a long-distance relationship in the 3.5 years we’ve been together, so I suppose it’s natural to take a month to balance out my schedule again.

I’ve officially been running for just over a year. Throughout the year, I’ve been steady in my determination and my motivation to keep my body in shape. Last month, however, I only ran 1-3 times per week instead of 3-5 times per week. Moreover, I wasn’t quite reaching the distances I’d grown accustomed to.

This week, this first week of October, I’ve turned everything around again. I’m hoping my health keeps up with me because I really want to move forward with my half marathon training.

I’ve already run three out of four days this week, one of which was 5k. I intend to keep up with this, and I’m going to join a fitness studio again. I’d really built up muscle prior to mid-August, so now it’s time to gain it all back.

I’ll be back to posting here more often as I reach new distances beyond anything I’ve ever run before in preparation for the half marathon. I’ve said it a million times before, but I definitely need to take my diet more seriously. Clean eating is in my near future!


11 Sep

Running has changed my life in ways I had never anticipated. It’s more than just a workout or a calorie-burning exercise. Everyone has their own reasons for running and how it has impacted their life, but here are my own reasons:

1. One of my absolute favorite aspects of running is feeling my body getting stronger. I’m always reaching new distances and speeds. I can remember feeling like a champion for being able to run a mile without stopping. With every week, I felt like a champion all over again. That feeling never goes away. I know there are people out there running the same distance is less than half the time, but it doesn’t matter. In that moment, I feel like the strongest, fastest person in the world.

2. I frequently say “I can’t”. Everyone makes goals for themselves, whether it’s completely planned or just passing thoughts. “I can’t” and “I wish” are two of the worst ways to begin a sentence. I’m extremely conscious of my attitude toward goals and dreams because I never (ever!) would have dreamed that I could run a 10K race and have a blast doing it, but here I am running 10K’s and loving every minute of it (even the minutes when I’m tired and out of breath). I refuse to say that I can’t run a half-marathon. I WILL run a half-marathon in February, even if I can’t fathom it just yet.

2a. This extends way beyond just running. I feel like I can do anything when I work hard enough at it. Nothing ever really comes easy to me – I don’t hold any special talents. It’s my perseverance that brings me to success… not that I’m always so dedicated. I know I just need to focus my energy to really working for what I want in my life, and now I know I can¬†achieve great things.

3. Endorphins! That “runner’s high” you hear runners talk about? It’s REAL.

4. Running creates a schedule for my day-to-day or even week-to-week routine. I thrive on having a solid schedule. If I don’t have a schedule, I start to go a little crazy. I get overtired, moody, and frustrated. I like to get to bed at pretty early hour and wake up in the morning for breakfast and a solid run. Of course I take one to three days off from running a week, but if I can’t keep that schedule going, I’m just not happy.

I would really love to hear about how running has impacted your life, even if it is as simple as losing as few pounds!!