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Chicago 10K Race

18 Aug

There are a few things I’ve been eager to write about, but I spent five days in Chicago and then flew straight to Houston. I’ve been here in Houston for almost a week, and in a few days we’re (my boyfriend and I) are driving halfway across the country. Busy busy!

However, I wanted to take a moment to share what was a really exciting and fun experience! A couple of weeks prior to my brief trip to Chicago, I decided to check to see if there were any races happening in Chicago during my stay (via Surprisingly, the Chicago 10K race was taking place on my last full day and only free morning in Chicago. Perfect!!

I was so excited and anxious and nervous. I had run my first 10K on a whim back at home when I went for a run one evening and just kept runnin’ (you know, like Forrest Gump). So when I started this race, I forced myself to keep a slow pace. The first 5K was a breeze, however slow, so the final 5K I pushed hard… for me, at least. The last quarter-mile was a struggle, but it was a phenomenal feeling when I finished.
My goal was 75 minutes, and I finished in 62:30!! Everyone received a baller finisher’s medal, and you better believe I wore that thing all day long.
The official photos taken during the race all show me on my iPhone because when the race ended, my priority (aside from trying to breathe and not die) was ending my Nike+ workout so I could stare at it proudly!
If you had told me five years ago or even ONE year ago that I was going to be able to run a 10K race and have a blast doing it, I would have laughed… and laughed and laughed. Running continues to show me that I am capable of the unbelievable and that my body is truly a miraculous piece of machinery.
Do NOT take your body for granted. You CAN achieve greatness. You WILL reach your goals.